Modicia OS Ultimate Comes With Cool, Unique UI Twists

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If you are looking for a really cool Linux computing platform with lots of extras and a twist on traditional desktop design, check out Modicia OS Ultimate.

Italy-based Modicia Web Design and Development Company on May 2 released its latest upgrade, Modicia O.S. 20.144. If you distro hop or browse through traditional outlets for Linux operating systems, you probably will not stumble on this gem, but it definitely is a discovery worth finding.

Modicia OS Ultimate is a general purpose optimized computing platform that works right out of the box for use in every field — amateur or professional. It is a workhorse operating system used extensively in enterprise and educational facilities in much of Europe, available in some 25 languages.

It is one of the easiest Linux offerings I have used. It installs without hassles and has no learning curve to get started. It is a great platform for personal and small business use as well.

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